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Are you a University of Rochester Student wanting to get involved in the project?

Sign up for research credit. Participate in this unique research opportunity in DMS for credit! As a an independent study student, you will patriciate in prototyping a mobile audio recording booth and collect audio stories in the Adirondack Park with Rochester faculty members and our Adirondack community partners. Summer 2022

Take the Climate Stories course Spring 2023!

This upper-level humanities course based in the arts combines the study of theater, dance, fine art and media practices with history and theory to convey stories about the human experience of climate change. Through theater, dance & new media this course aims to use storytelling, performance, and speculative design to imagine possible climate scenarios as they relate to the Adirondack Park and our research taking place there. The course will include a trip to the Adirondack Park to engage with our community partners. It will move through multiple units of theoretical study as students simultaneously work on their creative projects. Spring 2023

Tell us your experience with climate change by visiting the The Wild Center!